"I'd wait for the lion."

"That's why I worry about you."


Flannel shirt on the subway,
I love you.
Bodyguard arms, hands
clasped below the bellybutton.
Who are you protecting?

From across the train, I love you.
And maybe I can’t remember your
face, but I remember your clothes.

I remember the girl waiting for
you at the station and how your
body uncoiled at the sight of her.

I remember the slouch of your back once she touched you.

From the other end of Brooklyn,
I love you. Could have loved you.

Not as a stranger on the train,
not as a pair of eyes looking
too long, blinking.

Heart beating too fast
and screaming
not mine not mine not mine.

In another world, I am the dream on
the platform, one foot on the yellow
line, waiting for your walk.

I kiss the rigid out of you.

I take your name out from under my
tongue and hand it to you.


Caitlyn Siehl, Subway
Anonymous said: What breaks your heart, dearest one?

When I was little, I thought that people could only pass away while they were in bed and sleeping. I used to think that I was alive because someone else was dying and I was their last dream.


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I’m standing tall after
a wasted war.

I’m holding up. I’m holding up.
Even when the spaces of my spine
remind me of our distance, I don’t
miss you. No, not anymore.


"and i’m fighting for me now"
-valentina thompson (via theseoverusedwords)